Life Skills Recovery Ranch
9431 North 400 West Holden, UT 84636 US
Phone: 435-253-1887 Website:

Life SKills Recovery Ranch

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Call us (435) 253-1887 | Email us
Mailing Address:P.O. Box 206 Holden, UT 84636
Our Physical Address:9431 N 400 W Holden, UT 84636

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Life Skills Recovery Ranch is hosted by Double Dollar Livestock in central Utah. Spreading across over 10,000 acres of unmatched panoramic views, it is the quintessence of wide open spaces. For five generations this family has farmed and ranched the land in this high desert valley and mountain ranges that surround it.

Double Dollar Livestock has a long, highly regarded reputation in providing recreation livestock (Rodeo) and a purebred Angus cattle operation. Among an array of national recognitions, Double Dollar hosts the premier Roping Horse Sale in the nation, along with one of the most renowned Quarter Horse breeding programs in the country. For more information about our Ranch, please visit the Double Dollar Livestock Ranch Website.

In addition to the Double Dollar location, Life Skills Recovery Ranch has partnered with other host ranches throughout the United States, offering a variety of opportunities for participants. Each participant will begin his Internship orientation at the Double Dollar then, as available, Interns can apply for projects /placement at other host locations.